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The Pansy by Monica Cleland

By Monica Cleland © March 17, 2000

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The pansy lives all its life in the happiness of being.

Once the glorious petals unfold, the smile of the pansy fills the world.

When other flowers droop from heat, and look so forlorn,

Look to the pansy - it can be seen embracing each sunbeam

With the abandonment of a lover, long missed.

In the rain, when other flowers, are cold and despairing,

Shriveling miserably into themselves to escape the elements

The pansy petals, open wide, are enjoying the life-giving moisture.

If, in exuberance, a child's foot lands upon that joyful face

Still smiling, it will rejuvenate, and with renewed vigor

Take hold of life once more, ever jubilant for having returned.

Whomever said "poor, plain little pansies",

Never understood them at all.

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