• Marian Glaser

The Goddess by Jenny Buzek

By Jenny Buzek © July 21, 1998

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Her full voluptuous body emanates from beneath her flowing robe

She is sensual yet wholesome

Her breasts stain the fabric that struggles to protect them from the elements

To her sex is a gift to be enjoyed and shared

A miracle of synapses that gives us a taste of ecstasy

Her touch. light yet insistent, arouses the dormant sexuality of

those fortunate enough to be welcomed into her arms

She laughs and smiles

A gift so simple should be shared

Leaving warm feelings

Replacing the doubts and fears with fun and laughter

Skin touching skin is a primal need to be fulfilled

Let her hands travel over you, relaxing, yet exciting

Revealing erotic sensations on elbows, buttocks, arm pits

Places we would never search for them

She smiles knowingly, for the body is her tapestry

And she can weave new patterns over old

To create new waves of fulfillment!

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