• Marian Glaser

Special Moments

By Marian Glaser ©, May 2008

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Suddenly life can shine with brilliance,

making the moment unforgettable,

transforming ordinary time to timelessness,

with no separation between observer and observed:

imagined flowers can seem real,

dreams can be remembered for decades.

A forest pool, its golden sand setting off an orange salamander,

surrounded by deep green moss

with a single violet embedded in it,

has lived in my memory for fifty years.

I still can’t identify the person lying beside me

in grassy shade as we watched maypole dancers

and wild horses running beautifully free

in a dream thirty years ago.

Now, the longer I meditate, the more

moments have that strange quality.

A picture can allow me to enter,

books contain more meaning, music more clarity.

food more flavour, drab moments lose their power

to colour the day, crowding out good ones.

That immediacy comes more easily, more frequently

no longer drowned by inner voices.

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