• Marian Glaser

Rain by Jenny Buzek

By Jenny Buzek © March 3, 1998

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I listen enthralled. I hear water running across the stones in the stream, the birds chirping, the thunder in the background, and then suddenly the rain hits the leaves. The summer storm is about renewal. The dust of everyday life is washed away and we start anew.


Hard, beating down on the green canopy that covers me.

I am wet now.

My Clothes cling to me, but I am not cold.

The heat that preceded the storm lingers in my blood.

Steam rises from my skin and from the green lushness around me.

IT cools me temporarily and as the rain ceases,

The heat, now moist, returns, oppressive.

I am part of this ecosystem.

The cycle continues.

In the heat of summer, leavers meet, shed clothes under the canopy to create new beginnings.

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