• Marian Glaser

Orgiastic Tango

by Marian Glaser

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A place for two before these flames

that dip and soar behind the grate.

I wish it wasn’t wool

caressing the skin we bared

during our pre-sex cuddle

but I’ll accept the risk of rug burn.

I’ll savour each colour, texture, taste and touch,

enjoying them now and later in dream.

There are no children or grownups to interrupt.

The table is littered with our used plates,

glittering with our crystal wine glasses in which

firelight is making rubies of the dregs.

The white tablecloth is glowing under

now shorter candles and

our favourite music is still playing low.

We both wore shiny, soft and loose clothes

and ate our favourite meal:

medium rare filet mignon, small fresh peas and

baked potatoes with dollops of sour cream.

We’ll have our coffee and cake here, later,

in front of this fire,

still looking deeply into each others eyes,

seeing our love there,

glad we experienced this evening.

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