• Marian Glaser


By Marian Glaser © June, 2001

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This place needs more song and laughter.

I hear complaints constantly.

The most common is

residents recounting their

long waits

as an overworked staff

rushes from verbal to physical abuse

probably wondering why

they chose a caring job that gives them no time

to give even needed care.

Bet people here would bitch if their nurse

jumped in ready to work

dressed as a clown

or wearing a false nose.

Sure we’re all sick but

dwelling on that leaves

no time to enjoy this jazz band,

these people,

this life.

My attitude is seen as traitorous,

denying real problems.

I don’t.

Neither can I accept

this blind blaming.

I know meals and silence

are not ideal and

we’d all like more staff time.

Until there is more money or

a genius who knows how to stretch

the little there is to satisfy

every crying need

we have to live

with this.

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