• Marian Glaser

Erik by Jenny Buzek

By Jenny Buzek April, 1998 ©

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I don't know where the time goes

There simply isn't enough

The days are full, the nights too short

But it's all just busy stuff

The chores, the lessons, the daytime messes

Keep me busy dawn till dusk

But there's one thing that keeps me going

It's tucking you in at night

A night owl you are and I chase you to bed

More times than I care to remember

But your sweet smile melts my heart once again

And I feel so soft and tender

Your innocent face as you dream sweet dreams

Makes my day complete

For a mother's love never faces

In spite of your obstinant feats

You're growing up son of mine

I miss you oh so much

One day perhaps you'll give me a chance

To be part of your days once again.

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