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Earth and Sky by Brian McClorry, SJ

By Brian McClorry, SJ ©

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...we made the mistake of toppling the Dictator without religious reforms... we needed to touch both earth and sky.

-Kamel Daoud

Touch matters, that hands-on thing,

a rare tactility - though it's hard

to hold earth and sky both at once,

with no lyric in the eye.

No one deed will do, but the sea's

poise may hold until a landfall

tests our legs on soft and sloping sand,

bodies fingered raw by blue space -

for the oceans are what they are

through earth and sky, a Christ-like

grasp of both at once, born here,

where we are, at this time of the year.

[The quotation from the Algerian writer and novelist, Kamel Daoud, comes from an interview with Bryan Appleyard in The Sunday Times of 5th July 2015]

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