• Marian Glaser

Coming Towards an Eternal Orgasm

By Marian Glaser © December, 1997

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We show only part of what we are.

Inside each human a world of memory masses,

making each unique.

We never know when we’ll stumble

on a beach complete with

fish, sunsets, Athena freshly sprung

from Zeus’s head,

Venus floating on her shell,

able to see the cliffs and rose trellised bungalows.

Outside each human a silken iridescent gossamer

extends, interlinks, mingles.

Soul or aura?

We hope to be

unfolded in eternity,

showing our multi-coloured wings


We may experience a mystic union,

an eternity long orgasm.

Our fragile earthly bodies

would break.

Even toothaches can overwhelm us.

Generations of work

add up to one project

while fear and doom loom

threatening to unravel

this world

where we struggle to climb this steep, thorny

road to freedom.

Our physical energy leaves us

before we can achieve what we envisage:

a peaceful, loving world

full of trees, grass, flowers, crystal water and

beautiful people and animals

while unstinging insects fly

and birds perch, nest, soar.

Luckily each generation

has its visionaries adding

their bricks to the design.

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