• Marian Glaser


By Marian Glaser ©, February 2008

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I struggle to capture those moments of absorbing stillness

rushing by, embedded in a flowing stream

of noise and busyness.

A sudden break

reveals an impossibly perfect flower,

music amidst cacophony,

ice sparkling in sunlight,

a butterfly, paintings.

My list could lengthen but

each moment is easily missed,

outweighed by more clamorous ones.

Children stop to stare

at ants, iridescent bubbles, stars,

like this poet, chasing what was a brief flash,

making it linger

until the moving, colour in the water

resolves into a fish.

My meditation practice gives me

moments of peace

but that is only one part of my day.

Any intrusion can end my absorption,

making me startle

and so shatter a small beginning,

proving my journey is


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