• Marian Glaser

A Dog's Love Song

By Marian Glaser © March, 1997

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I was lying awake with a filthy headache

until roses, white and red, popped into my head.

Can’t give emeralds to you

but with this parcel of land

I can prune, I can plant.

Each bush that I grew made me think about you,

how you ran while I chased

until you finally paced

and then sat waiting for me

beneath a willow tree

your nose on your paws,

panting, ready for me…

Crows disturbed us with caws

while we rolled on green grass.

Violets sprinkled with dew

were all around you

when I first sniffed your ass.

I had to growl, make the air foul,

bark, bite, get into dog fights.

They all wanted you.

I knew why too.

You’re still beautiful I see.

Accept these flowers from me.

I grew them with love,

my darling, my dove.

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