• Marian Glaser


Updated: Nov 29, 2018

By Marian Glaser ©

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I heard song birds singing me awake.

After my meditation and breakfast

I’ll let time flow until the unexpected happens

and fills space I didn’t know was there.

Seeing others is a pleasure.

Part of my joy comes from solving problems


part from being able to walk from task to task

after lying flat year after year,


for nerves to remake

the intricate web they formed at birth.

Each of my moments now has it’s own intensity,

revealing worlds I never knew existed

before lying immobile

gave me long hours of thought.

Now I know life consists of endless layers,

each with it’s own proponents, defending tiny corners,

assuming their explanation is the ultimate truth.

It is clear

that there is a connection

between all forms of matter,

from stars to kitchen sinks,

that all have the same building blocks.

If the tiger and lamb are both aspects of God

as well as everything else

no wonder we have difficulty comprehending His grandeur.

Add the scope of each mind

and we have a Being beyond understanding.

Even this glass of juice can be discussed on levels I would find hard to follow.

Thinking of the Being who created all that

makes me dizzy.

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